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<On30 Halloween Trains.  This is the first modern On30 train - manufactured by Bachmann for Dept. 46, displayed on Howard Lamey's Halloween Village, 'Spook Hill.' Sorry, the Dept. 56 train is long gone, as are about fifteen other collectibles.  But it's still a great scale for Halloween Villages, as this photo shows.  Instructions for making the 'Frost is On the Pumpkin' house and many more are located in the 'Spook Hill' section of this site.  Big Christmas TrainsOn30 Display Trains
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Written by Paul D. Race for,, and

    Although Christmas villages date back over a century (using cardboard or wooden houses), Halloween villages didn't reach prominence until modern ceramic Christmas villages became popular.

    Dept. 56(r) has made several nice Halloween-themed collection and a few one-offs. They usually use ceramic or china-like construction, with resin parts where appropriate. When possible, Dept. 56 historically preferred to channel their products to the consumer through gift stores and other brick-and-mortar stores. So if you didn't live near a good supplier, you may have been at a disadvantage.

    However, in the last few years, Dept. 56 has allowed many of their products to be sold online through Amazon, and we provide a link to a very helpful page below

    In the meantime, Dept. 56's ceramic holiday villages and accessories have been joined by:

    • Lemax(r), who generally sells their mostly-resin villages through craft stores like Michaels, department stores like Sears or stores with large Seasonal departments like Lowes.

    • Hawthorne Village(r), an imprint of Bradford Exchange(r). They prefer to sell their mostly-resin villages directly to the consumer through "subscription plans," in which the customer receives and pays for one piece about every four weeks. Hawthorne village is also distinct in that they're more likely to pattern a whole village collection after a movie like "Nightmare Before Christmas." In fact they've had three villages based on that movie, though only one is still available.

    In addition, there have been a plethora of off-brand Hallowen village products, selling through places like Big Lots and Walgreens. Their quality is uneven, and their products are often only available in certain parts of the country. If you find an off-brand Halloween village figure, structure, or accessory that will add interest to your setup, go for it. We've just found it impractical to try to review these products.

    Why do we list Hawthorne Village stuff first? Because, unlike many other distributors, they have taken the time to get to know us and have consistently welcomed our efforts to review and (when appropriate) promote their products. They have also consistently treated our readers with courtesy and respect: The down side of featuring Hawthorne Village collections is that, they are often in very high demand. In fact, many Hawthorne Village collections have sold out the first month I put them on the web page. So, if you see a collection you think you would like, don't wait too long to subscribe. I have never gotten an e-mail from a reader who was dissatisfied with a Hawthorne Village product, but I've gotten plenty from folks who waited a week longer than they should have to order certain collections and want to know if we have some "extras" hidden away somewhere. (We don't.) Limited edition means "limited," after all.

    That said, we also respect the quality and attractiveness of Dept. 56 products, as well as the value and originality of many Lemax products, so we will post individual pieces when we see them available through a trusted vendor.

    Update, 2018 - About 2016, Bradford Exchange, who distributes the Hawthorne Village products shown on this page was forced by the attorney generals of several states (including Ohio where I live) to stop letting folks in Ohio and other states recommend products we like. So they have sent out an e-mail asking me (and hundreds of other web site providers) to cease and desist recommending products we like.

    As far as I can tell, I'm still allowed to let links for these show up on my pages, so most of what you see here is approved verbiage from the Bradford Exchange sites. Sorry about that.

    We would never dream of continuing to recommend Hawthorne Village products that we began recommending in 2006 and still think highly of!

    If you have a question about any product on this page, feel free to contact us for more information.

    Note: One of the listing on this page was hacked in the early morning of August 13, and it corrupted the entire page. We are copying the listings back in a few at a time to try to isolate the "troublemaker." Thank you for your patience. - Paul Race,

    Disney Halloween Harvest Village Collection

    If you like Disney, and family-friendly Halloween decorations, don't wait too long. I am, frankly, surprised this collection is still available over two years after its introduction - most holiday Disney collections sell out in a matter of months. So Bradford Exchange must have produced more than usual of this set. But when it does sell out, it will be unavailable from everyone but eBay price gougers, so don't say I didn't warn you. :-)

    Please click on the following link to more photos and information.

    Disney Halloween Harvest Lighted Village Collection
    Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Black Light Village Collection

    Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Black Light Village Collection

    Join the most famous citizen of Halloween Town - the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington - and the rest of its weird and wonderful denizens in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Black Light Village Collection - the first-ever village with black light effect from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division. Inspired by the critically-acclaimed movie milestone, your fantastical journey begins with Issue One, Jack Skellington's House, a FREE Jack figurine and the 12" black light fixture. Soon, your collection continues with Issue Two, Dr. Finklestein's Lab and FREE Dr. Finklestein and Sally figurines. Additional Halloween Town buildings, each a separate issue and some with FREE figurines and accessories, to follow.‡These spook-tacular Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles are handcrafted and masterfully hand-painted to capture all of the eerie excitement of Halloween Town. Discover even more ghoulish thrills when you flip on the included 12" black light fixtures and the buildings glow! Strong demand is anticipated, so don't delay. Order now! Fine collectibles, not intended for children under 14.

    Please click on the following link for more photos and information

    Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Black Light Village Collection
The PEANUTS: It's The Great Pumpkin Sculpture Collection

The PEANUTS: It's The Great Pumpkin Sculpture Collection

The holidays have always held a special meaning for the PEANUTS Gang, especially Halloween. After all, Halloween night is when the Great Pumpkin rises from only the most sincere pumpkin patch and brings goodies to kids who believe! Now, you can relive this magical moment with It's the Great Pumpkin Sculpture Collection - an officially licensed first - exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division. This grand and glorious display features fully sculpted and meticulously detailed scene dioramas of Charlie Brown and the rest of the PEANUTS Gang enjoying Halloween. It's the Great Pumpkin Sculpture Collection begins with a set of two sculptures in Issue One, Awaiting the Great Pumpkin and I Got a Rock. Soon your collection will continue with another set of two sculpture of Issue Two, The Perfect Model and Flying Ace, then Issue Three, the Great Pumpkin and additional sets of two scene sculptures, each set a separate issue to follow.‡Each issue in this heirloom-quality sculpture collection is expertly sculpted and hand-cast, meticulously hand-painted to bring the delightful scene to life. Every scene diorama features the beloved PEANUTS Gang and is free-standing in addition to looking great as part of the entire display. The impressively sized, fully sculpted Great Pumpkin serves as the centerpiece of the display and illuminates from within while gleefully changing colors from yellow to blue to red and then purple right before your eyes! Strong demand is expected for this collectibles first, inspired by the beloved Good Ol' Charlie Brown and the PEANUTS gang. So, don't delay. Order now!

Please click on the link below to see more photos and information.

The PEANUTS: It's The Great Pumpkin Sculpture Collection

Department 56 Halloween Water Tower

Another clever piece from Dept. 56. This is reportedly about 8" high, so it won't take over your town unless you want to set it on something. Doesn't light up, but it adds Halloween charm anywhere you put it. Click on the following link to check availability on Amazon.

More Department 56

If you like this water tower, you will love many of the other Halloween-themed offerings from Department 56. There are dozens this year. Unfortunately, they typically sell out so fast that listing them at all just makes our readers frustrated in the long run.

Many of these products are available at Amazon, from their Dept. 56 page, which changes according to the season. That said, if you click on the following any time in September or October, you'll see mostly Halloween and Autumn-themed listings. And each Halloween-themed listing will link to more Dept. 56 Halloween listings, so you'll have lots of options to choose from.

Department 56 Seasonal Collectibles Store on Amazon

Click to visit the seasonal Department 56 Store on Amazon.

Lemax Spooky Town Items

Lemax has been expanding its Halloween line for years; however, like Dept. 56, many items come and go quickly. So we're just going to post a link to an Amazon page that links the most popular Lemax items.

Click to see Lemax Spooky Town items on Amazon.

The Death Valley Rally Gothic Village Collection

The Death Valley Rally Gothic Village Collection

Enter Death Valley, a rowdy and rough village where skeleton bikers are sentenced to live out the rest of their death. Now you can take a ride through their biker heaven with this creepy gothic village collection, exclusively from Hawthorne Village. This collection begins with Issue One, Last Chance Gas & Madman Marty's Garage with FREE Madman Marty figurine. Soon, your collection will continue with Issue Two, Haunted Manor with FREE Old Lady figurine and additional creepy village buildings, each a separate issue and some with select free skeleton figurines, will follow.‡Each collectible building in this Death Valley collection is handcrafted of fine artist's resin and exquisitely hand-painted. Plus, each freaky building eerily lights up from within, spotlighting the activities of the walking dead! Makes a unique addition to your collections and perfect for Halloween decorations. But strong demand is expected. Order now!

Please click on the link below for more photos and information

The Death Valley Rally Gothic Village Collection

Rickety Fence And Spooky Jack o' Lantern Halloween Village Accessory Set

Rickety Fence And Spooky Jack o' Lantern Halloween Village Accessory Set

Let your Halloween village come alive - if you dare! This delightful Halloween village accessory set showcases a rickety picket fence and some seriously spooky jack o' lanterns, each with a wickedly haunting grin. Unsuspecting visitors are sure to get that eerie feeling that they're being watched! Available exclusively from Hawthorne Village, each element in this village accessory set is meticulously handcrafted by master artisans. The fully dimensional, hand-painted jack o' lanterns are startlingly realistic, and the fence is banded together with sturdy metal wire so it's bendable and poseable for easy display. Don't wait to add these terrifying touches to your Halloween village display - you won't find a finer value anywhere! Order now!

By the way, this one is not in the 2016 online catalog, but a few still seem to be available. You may get a warning that the Bradford Exchange site is not secure or something when you click on the "buy" button. Don't worry, the Bradford Exchange site is very secure - that's just a glitch.

The Nightmare Before Christmas This Is Halloween Tabletop Tree Collection

Over 2 decades ago, the incredible imagination of Tim Burton birthed a movie masterpiece. If you are a fan of the "plain folks" of Halloween Town, now you can join the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, Sally and more for a dark holiday celebration with this Nightmare Before Christmas tabletop tree collection. Introducing the This Is Halloween Tabletop Tree Collection, a first-of-its-kind Masterpiece Edition from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division featuring sculptural houses, character figurines and ornaments, and a tree that lights up to make your Halloween decor truly spook-tacular. Your fun-tastic nightmare begins with Issue One, Jack's House and Sally. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, the 3-foot, pre-lit The Dark of the Moon Holiday Tree. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, Cemetery Hill Moon Tree Topper and FREE Purple Nightshade Tree Skirt and additional Nightmare Before Christmas sculptures, figurines and ornaments for your tree, each issue to arrive separately.‡Licensed from Disney, this masterwork of handcraftsmanship and hand-painting shimmers with the eerie glow of the lights inside the Halloween Town buildings and the soft purple lights (over 50!) across its midnight black branches. Jolly orange Jack o' Lantern and beloved character ornaments, including Jack and Sally, Oogie Boogie, Dr. Finklestein and more, contribute to the ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas display. And that's just on the tree itself! There are more character and building sculptures coming, ready to arrange on the FREE Purple Nightshade skirt to create your own perfect expression of The Nightmare Before Christmas movie you know and love. Strong demand is expected for this never-before-offered Nightmare Before Christmas tabletop tree collection, so don't wait to add a bizarre and macabre bit of joy to your holiday. Order now!Fine collectibles. Not intended for children under 14.

To see more photos and information, please click the link below.

The Nightmare Before Christmas This Is Halloween Tabletop Tree Collection

Village Collection: Stalking Dead County Village Collection

Village Collection: Stalking Dead County Village Collection

We hope you aren't intimidated by the living dead, because folks in this village are just dying to meet - and eat - you! Welcome to the Stalking Dead County Village Collection, a frighteningly fabulous first-ever of-its-kind exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division. The ghoulish delights begin with Issue One, Grim Reaper Barn with FREE Zombie Figurine. Next to re-animate, er, arrive will be Issue Two, Field of Screams with 3 FREE Zombie Figurines. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, Farmhouse of Horrors with FREE Ma and Pa Zombie figurine and additional village buildings, each a separate issue to follow.‡You're sure to be thrilled to the bone by all the scary adventures the folks in Stalking Dead County have prepared for you! Each building and figurine in this collection is ghoulishly handcrafted and hand-painted in terrifying detail by skilled artisans. In fact, every zombie in the village is showing off their decomposed best. And you're sure to shriek with delight at the eerie illumination coming from the graves, cornfield, house and barn. So join the Stalking Dead County residents, live an after-life in pieces and quiet, and let this heirloom quality collection give nightmares to generations to come! Better hurry though; aggressive demand is expected. Order now!

Please click on the link below to see more photos and information.

Village Collection: Stalking Dead County Village Collection

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