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Written by Paul D. Race for,, and

    Update, August, 2014: New Halloween Offerings from Lionel, But Don't Wait Too Long!

    The trains on this page are made like most classic Lionel "postwar" trains, except that they have new paint jobs and details that celebrate Halloween. The good news is that, unlike certain other manufacturers, Lionel is still introducing delightful new products for Halloween and Christmas. The bad news is that some of those products are selling out quickly. Last year, the Peanuts Halloween train sold out so quickly, we didn't even get it listed on this page before it disappeared from Lionel's warehouse and most retail stores' shelves. Lionel get another shipment in, though, so they're available as of September, 2014. Do not wait too long, as this stuff tends to go very fast.

    Of course you can also use a train set such as the Polar Express set. The locomotive from that set doesn't look all THAT Christmassy, if you know what I mean. You could use the locomotive to pull a Halloween car like the Great Pumpkin car below, then put the Polar Express passenger cars on the track after Halloween.

    Lionel has not introduced any new Halloween accessories for 2014, and several of last year's offerings have already sold out. If you like any of these, do not wait too long. That said, if you need more halloween-themed accessories, our Primer page has lots of inexpensive ways to add Halloween touches to your railroad or display village, including a Halloween-themed cottage based on a vintage Lionel tinplate structure.

    In the meantime, we're keeping our eyes open for more products and more suppliers, so please check back. But if you see a product you think you want, think fast - demand is picking up for this kind of product.

    About O Gauge Trains - O gauge trains (which include O-27, the technical description for most of the trains on this page) are about the right size for most name-brand Halloween villages, as well as our own projects. They are not as detailed as, say, On30 trains, but they are sturdier and easier to keep on the track, so if you have kids or fumble-fingers, this might be the way to go.

    Most O gauge train sets made today should really have about a 44"-wide space to run, although the track circle is technically a little smaller than that. So if you're using the ping-pong table, you'll do fine, but they won't fit on your coffee table.

    O Gauge Alternatives - If you already have an O gauge train, try it with your Halloween village - my friend Howard Lamey has dug out an old Marx set and it looks great. If you're not counting on the train itself to bring Halloween charm to your town, you might also try:

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    Don't Wait Too Long to Order - Back when we started "Big Christmas Trains," we were singlehandedly responsible for several vendors selling out of trains almost as soon as we had them posted. The trains we feature on this page also tend to sell out even faster than the Christmas trains. That's one reason we list multiple suppliers when possible. But, as we used to say when I worked at Radio Shack 40 years ago, and Tandy would advertise things we had in short supply, "We can't make them here."

    In the meantime, if you're looking for something specific, or you find a broken link or other mistake, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

    Note about Suppliers: While we try to help you get the products you want by recommending suppliers with a good record of customer service, all transactions between you and the supplier you chose to provide your trains are governed by the published policies on the supplier's web site. So please print off any order confirmation screens and save copies of invoices, etc., so you can contact the appropriate supplier should any problems occur. (They almost never do, but you want to be on the safe side.)

    Lionel Trains Peanuts Halloween 2-4-2 Steam LionChief Remote Control Set

    Lionel Trains Peanuts Halloween 2-4-2 Steam LionChief Remote Control Set

    The Peanuts gang is back for some Halloween adventures! Set includes a convenient wallpack power supply and remote.Easy-to-setup Train set, track, and wall-pack power supply included Ready-to-run out of the box!Easy-to-use power and control system Basic wall-pack power supply Terminal track section with a jack for connecting the wall pack Kid-friendly hand-held remoteRun more than one locomotive on the same track! Distinct frequencies available for different LionChief locomotives allow for multiple remote engines to run at the same time LionChief locomotives can also run on any track powered by a conventional transformer at a constant 18 volts LionChief locomotives can operate at the same time as any Legacy or TMCC-controlled engine on the same 18 volt-powered layout and track

    Check stock at Amazon by clicking on the button to the right.

    Click to see bigger photo.

    Lionel Great Pumpkin Flatcar

    Here's a great accessory for the train above. Snoopy is hiding in one carved pumpkin, while the illuminated jack-o-lanterns glow brightly.

    Check stock at Amazon by clicking on the button to the right.

    Click to see bigger photo.

    Lionel Pumpkinhead Handcar

    Maybe you don't need a whole train, but you'd like to have SOMETHING "Halloweeny" circling the coffeetable or whatever. This is based on Lionel's tried-and-true handcar chassis, but offers pumpkin-head railroad workers.

    Check stock at Amazon by clicking on the button to the right.

    Click to see bigger photo.

    Lionel Trains Halloween Searchlight Car

    Here's a lighted car you can add to any Lionel train to get some great Halloween effects, including bat shadows circling the room as the train circles the track.

    Check stock at Amazon by clicking on the button to the right.

    Lionel Trains Ghost Globe Operating Car

    Lionel Trains Ghost Globe Operating Car

    If this car looks familiar, it's because last year's version had a Jack-o-Lantern face. I'm told that with the lights off it looks a bit creepy circling the railroad. With "chilling sound effects," it's supposed to sound a bit creepy, too. Don't buy it if you have a tunnel, though.

    Check stock at Amazon by clicking on the button to the right.

    Lionel® Hogwarts' Express®

    Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express® - At long last, an model of the Hogwarts Express™ that is big enough for small hands to operate. Fantasy lovers will enjoy a magical journey that is portrayed in J.K. Rowling's enchanting Harry Potter series. Train lovers will enjoy a truly historic event in the world of toy and model trains. This is the first European train ever modeled in O gauge by Lionel! It is also the only train on this page that runs on O gauge, 3-rail track, like the Lionel trains of old.

    Okay, a "Harry Potter" train may not quite seem like a "Halloween" train, and it may be too big to go around your Halloween village. But this is such a neat product, I wanted all of my readers to have a chance to see it before it became impossible to get this year. To learn more about the Lionel Hogwarts Express click here

Accessories for the Trains and Villages on This Page

Lionel Trains Halloween Haunted Passenger Station. Click for bigger photo.

Lionel Trains Halloween Haunted Passenger Station

Be prepared to be scared! Lionel conjures up another spooky accessory in the form of a haunted passenger station. Enjoy the spirit of Halloween with this all new twist on an old favorite, newly decorated for people waiting on that chilling train in that old ghost town. You don't even have to have a Lionel set - it will look good with lots of other Halloween villages and accessories. For lighting, you'll need a 12-18 volt power supply to run, though. The accessory output of ANY toy train power supply should do.

Click for bigger picture

Lionel Halloween People Pack - Trick or Treaters

Now you can populate your favorite Lionel operating accessories with Lionelville People Packs. Pirate, Princes, Dog, Skeleton, Cowboy in O scale, ideal for ANY Halloween village. A similar lionel package sold out very fast in 2013, so don't wait too long to order.

Click for bigger picture

Lionel Animated Halloween Billboard

The picture changes back and forth on this animated billboard. Requires a 12-18 volt power supply (such as the kind that comes with model trains). As of August, 2013, the same product is listed under two different numbers on Amazon, which is why we have two links.

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